My projects

These are some of my projects, click on the titles to go to their respective pages.


Hascard is a minimal commandline utility for reviewing notes. ‘Flashcards’ can be written in markdown-like syntax. Check the README for more info. I made this to improve my Haskell skills and also thought this would be somewhat useful to me if I managed to finish it. I did struggle a bit, especially the rendering of the open questions was a pain, but in the end I finished it and I am happy with how it turned out.


This is a collection of algorithmic botany sketches in the form of a website. I improved my HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills a bit, and also learned a little about templating and buildtools by working with gulp and nunjucks. I think I spent most of my time working on the tree on the homepage, it’s calculated via the 3D space colonization algorithm and rendered with THREE.js. Apart from that, the leaf venation and L-system sketches are my favorites. I made use of a variety of JavaScript libaries: p5.js, THREE.js, pixi.js, pts.js, dat.gui.js.


The idea of this project was to make a collection of all sorts of trees. I did not make as many trees as I wanted initially and it’s all very simple, but it was still a fun exercise. Two sketches were made with p5.js, the binary tree with d3.js, and the minimal spanning tree was done with sigma.js.